Saturday, March 24, 2012

Boys Will Be Boys

Well, as I mentioned here we bought another house recently. I guess I should say that we bought a lot that had an unfortunate house on it that had to go. The city had condemned it and we have other plans for that space. So, the guys excitedly prepared to push the place in. They were so funny talking about it and planning for it. It just reminded me how whether a boy is 3 or 30, destroying something is always fun. : ) We had quite a crew there to watch/help. Several dumpsters had been placed before the tear-down and were cycling in and out throughout the day as they got filled up quickly. It's amazing to me how fast a house can be brought down and cleared from a lot. This was all done in a day...




We live in a small town and while that comes with it's advantages it also has some draw-backs. Like the nosey people who felt it completely within their right to glare, call and complain and/or stop by to ask why we weren't restoring the house. Or if we really had to cut down that tree that was rotten through to the middle.  We just had to laugh. No one seemed too concerned about this home as it sat empty rotting for the last 10 years but now suddenly it was their mission to restore it to it's former glory...or at least guilt us into doing it. Funny little town. : )

So, now I guess it will be on to re-zoning and getting the new building plans tweaked to our liking. At least we've got a pretty adorable foreman for the job...


  1. I hope you guys went crazy inside with some baseball bats first! That opportunity doesn't come along every day.