Thursday, March 15, 2012


This is some randomness.  Don't say I didn't warn you...

Some friends were in town a couple weekends ago so we met up with them at Exploration Place. We hadn't been there in a while so it was fun to watch Brecken get to experience it and to catch up with friends I wished lived closer.


Some days it feels like naptime will never come. But when it does, this is what is waiting for me....  : )

We've been working with Taryn a little harder on her letters, sounds and sight words lately. She's not the most.....ahem, joyful of learners. A lot of times we both end up angry frustrated challenged. She'd rather just color. So that means some creativity was in order. I'm having to bring back my preschool-teaching days for a little originality. I think we'll get there.  If not, there's only 14 more years left of her in the house, right?

This is the sign of a house full of girls.  Even the poor cow and horse can't escape dress-up time.

Made these tiny "bacon and eggs" the other morning for Bible study. I don't know why but I get a kick out of them.

Derek and I were debating going out to my parent's house after church on Sunday when these two took up the cause and began chanting, "Nana's house! Papa's house!" (Repeat, repeat, repeat)  Needless to say....we went.

Swim lessons are still going great. Yesterday they both swam all the way across on their own (the short length). They were pretty excited.  I think they spent more time on the bottom than the top and may have swallowed half the pool but I'll take it as they did....a victory!!

Do you watch the Bachelor? Have you been struggling with who it is that Ben looks like but can't quite put your finger on it? Conundrum solved....

Taryn has really surprised me a couple times lately with how grown up she's getting. Comments she makes, chores she steps up for on her own, watching her become such a loving, helpful big sister. It's fun to see but is also just a reminder of what a short time we are blessed to have her with us in our home. I'm excited to see who she will become but pray that I can enjoy and remember each step of the way. And that I won't slack in my role of guiding her to be a people-loving and God-fearing woman.

Papa typically has something in his truck for the girls when he stops by. This time it was some cool glow bracelets. They made for quite the evening. When the sun went down we turned out all the lights and played for about and hour in the pitch black. The girls loved them and we had fun playing hide-and-seek with them, "writing" letters in the air, designing jewelry from them, etc. Taryn's slept with them every night since even though the glow's been worn off for a couple days now.  Gotta love $1 fun.

I tried to tell ya. Randomness. Right now you're wondering how you can get that time back. Sorry, about that. I hope the next blog on your list has a tad more substance. : )


  1. Loved it. Sounds like a lot of happiness. You have a good sense of humor. This blogg shows your personality. Taryn looks so much like her dad. Swimming lessons are terrific. Never learned to swim myself and panic if I cant touch the bottom. Both of my girls swim like fish and jump off diving boards. Scary to me lol. You have awhile before shes all grown but time flies by let me tell you. Love reading your blogg no matter what they are about.

  2. Hi there,

    I found my way to your blog when so many people were linking to your prayer request for dear little Paxten. I continue to think of and remember her parents.

    I wanted to comment to ask if you still have that gorgeous little lambie pie Mara? I was so sad when I didn't see any photos of her on the recent posts...I thought perhaps she had been returned to a birth family member. Not that I wish ill on anyone, but I hope that's not the case. I have prayed for God's will in her little life and I really feel strongly His place for this precious child is indeed YOUR home.

    I hope and pray she is still right where she belongs.

    Also, is there any news on the adoption front?

    1. Thanks for checking in! Sweet Paxten's parents still grieve but thankfully not as those without hope. Their faith is strong and I know they still feel the love prayers of those who followed their story. Thank you for thinking of them.

      Yes! We do still have Mara and in a change of events that is still stunning to me we will hopefully have wonderful news to share soon. Things are moving along rapidly (if there is such a thing in social work) in the direction of us becoming her forever family. Nothing is over until it's signed so I still carry a level of cautious optimism but things are looking good for us. We are so grateful and humbled with how the Lord works. Reading your words that you felt we were her family brings a smile and tears. Thank you.

      As far as the adoption we're still in waiting mode. Bummer. But, I think for now with the change in plans for Mara we'll have plenty to keep us occupied as we settle in to becoming a family of five. She is just another reminder that my timing is not always the Lord's timing and that's helping me in the patience category. : )

      Thanks again for the note!