Sunday, November 27, 2011

They Don't Make 'Em Like They Used To!

But Derek does!!  I promised another post of all of the items that we have for sale in our adoption fundraiser that are hand-crafted wood projects.  As my girl's have grown we've done the search for toys each year trying to find a balance between quality and cuteness and price.  Some stuff is cute but super-cheap and I know that we'll be stuck re-buying the item when Brecken gets old enough to play with it.  So we go searching for a higher quality and are knocked over by the price.  Thankfully, I've got a super-talented husband who is also adept at understanding my descriptions of what I'd like to see in our girls' rooms.  So, it is time to offer some of what he's create with you all too! 

Remember that 100% of your purchase will go to our adoption fund.  Please don't be afraid to ask about colors, sizes, other options etc.  We'd love to work to make something that works for you!

Baby Beds and High Chairs $30 each or the set for $50!
Pick your color and your mattress/bib pattern

Dress-Up Clothes Organizer: $50
This comes in the three colors that the beds/highchairs comes in.  The closet rod is great for hanging tu-tu's, dresses, occupation vests, etc.  The bottom has three dividers for shoes, crowns, jewelry, etc.

Step Stools: Just $15

Three-Piece Kitchen Set: $250
This can be made in a variety of color combinations.  One of Taryn's favorite places to play!

Play Loft: $450
This is by far the most ambitious project that I've asked of Derek and he was able to create what was in my head and beyond!  This loft is SO MUCH fun!  Originally it was just in a playroom and toys were kept up top.  As our family has grown, however, we decided to put it use even more and moved Taryn's toddler mattress up there.  She loves sleeping up here and all of her friends that come over are very impressed.  : )  It has been a wonderful way to maximize the use of space in her room.  Can be made in any color!

Well, if you've seen anything you have to have or if you have an idea of your own please don't hesitate to let us know!  We'd love to get you what you like and would value your support of adoption in the process!

Time To Shop!

Whew!  What a weekend.  We can officially say we've got one craft event under our belt.  While it was a little slower traffic-wise than I might have dreamed up in my head (picture black-friday-walmart-style hoards of people all clamoring for our home-made goodness), we were still able to bring home some more money for our baby's fund that we didn't start the day with.  For that we are so thankful!  Thank you to those of you who took the time out of your busy weekend to stop by.  It truly meant so much to us.  I've had a lot of questions about what's left, costs and how I can get it to you.  I'm happy to pass on all that information.  Please feel free to ask questions about colors and options and whatever else you want to know.  We'd be happy to deliver to you too. 

Remember 100% of your purchase will go straight to our Congo fund.  Now, time to shop!

Heated Corn Bags: $5
Great aches, pains, cramps, warming the foot of the bed, warming your car seat, etc. Super stocking-stuffer!

Hair Accessories Organizer: $15 
Ribbons for bows and flowers, small hooks for head bands at the bottom
These went pretty fast but we're making more so let me know if you're interested so we get enough made!

Christmas Tree Shirts: $10   12 mo, 18 mo, 24 mo, and 3T

Felt Food Sets: $5 a plate
A plate includes a turkey leg, baked potato with butter, carrot and 5 pea pods.

Diaper Bag Sets: $20
Bag, bib, 2 dipers, burp cloth, and wipes holder and 5 wipes.  Several patterns available.

Ruffle Bag Totes: $10
Several colors and two different sizes.  All have a Bible verse. 

Felt Diapers: 4 for $5

Tooth Fairy Pillow: $7
This has a little pocket on one side for a tooth and a chart on the back for recording your child's tooth losses.  There are more in the works in some more fabric options due to popular demand! 

Chef's Hats and Aprons: $20
These are so cute and really enhanced the girl's play. 

 Occupation Vests: $10 or 3 for $25

Capes: $5
There are several colors and shapes of these left.  Such fun for your little super-hero!

This was a long one so I'll do a separate post for all of the wood-working type items that we have. 
Please don't be shy about asking if there's something you are interested in and you'd like to support this adoption fundraiser.  Pass the link on to others that you think might be interested too!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Craft Overload!

So if you've been to my house any time in the last couple weeks you've likely tripped over sewing machine cords, ironing boards and extra racks and tables.  We are in FULL CRAFT MODE here.  It's madness and I love it.  In an attempt to continue to bring money in for our little boy we've decided to join in on a couple local craft fairs.  It has been an adventure.  I've never done anything like this and I'm pretty nervous.  I'm intimidated to think that people may not be too impressed with our stuff.  Or, what if they really like it and we've got no inventory for week 2?  How late will we have to stay up each night frantically re-crafting?  Either way we're going all in and I'm pretty excited to see how it goes!  I've been so incredibly blessed to have hours of help from my wonderful sister-in-laws.  I can't thank them enough. 

So, without further rambling, I'd like to invite you to:

Holiday Open House
Saturday, November 26
Newton Outlet Malls - Trail Rooms
601 Southeast 36th St., Newton KS
I-135 Exit 38

This craft fair is at the Newton Outlet Malls on the south side where the food court used to be.  There are many vendors coming and door prizes will given.  On top of a great opportunity to support home made items and small business, you'll also be in a great location to get some other shopping done. 

Here's what you'll find at our booth though...

A great dress-up organizer for hanging clothes, shoes, crowns, etc.

 9" Step stools.  These come in pink, purple or brown.  They have a great large top for little standers.

High Chairs and Baby Doll Cribs --  Ummm.....adorable!!

These can be purchased as sets or individually.  My favorite part is that you get to pick your own mattress cover and bib out of a really cute selection.  These are really so cute and SUCH a better quality than those cheap-o ones in the stores.  I love that these will last through all our future kiddos.

There are tons of dress-up clothes.  Lots of fun occupation vests including: doctor, nurse, construction worker, frontier man/woman, police, and fireman.   Several different types of capes.  I tried to get the girls to model but it was a little windy outside so these aren't so great.  Little Rowen does a fantastic job showing off his new dress-ups though! 

There are so many other great things.  Here's just a preview:

This is a tooth fairy pillow.  One side has a little pocket for the tooth.  The other side has a log where you can put the date that your child loses each tooth.

These diaper bag sets might be one of my favorite things.  It has an adorable little sling cover bag, 2 diapers, a bib, a burp cloth, and even a little wipes case with cloth wipes.  SO CUTE!

There are several different versions of the ruffle tote bags and 2 different sizes.  Each one has a Bible verse on it.  Great for Bible studies, nursery bags for your kids, or just a great running around bag.

 Baby Doll Diapers

 Felt Food Sets:

 Corn Heating Bags.  Pop these in the microwave for aches.  Slide one in the bottom of your sheets to keep your toes warm in the winter.  Sit on one on those freezing winter mornings. 

These are bow organizers.  The ribbons hold bows and there are hooks on the bottom for hanging headbands and such.  Pretty great for uber-organizers like me.  : )

Ok, I can tell that you're incredibly grateful for having just finished all your Christmas shopping for you.  : )   PLEASE, spread the word.  Send everyone you know to the outlet mall on Saturday.  100% of our profits will go to our adoption fund.  Your money for Christmas gifts has to go somewhere.  What better place to spend it than towards something that also will help bring a family together. 

In my heart as I'm up late sewing, planning, organizing, I keep thinking of next Christmas.  Of what our family will look like then.  I picture our son with us hearing the Christmas story, opening gifts and growing in his knowledge that he is truly part of a forever family.  That makes every stitch a true labor of love.  Join us Saturday please.