Sunday, November 27, 2011

They Don't Make 'Em Like They Used To!

But Derek does!!  I promised another post of all of the items that we have for sale in our adoption fundraiser that are hand-crafted wood projects.  As my girl's have grown we've done the search for toys each year trying to find a balance between quality and cuteness and price.  Some stuff is cute but super-cheap and I know that we'll be stuck re-buying the item when Brecken gets old enough to play with it.  So we go searching for a higher quality and are knocked over by the price.  Thankfully, I've got a super-talented husband who is also adept at understanding my descriptions of what I'd like to see in our girls' rooms.  So, it is time to offer some of what he's create with you all too! 

Remember that 100% of your purchase will go to our adoption fund.  Please don't be afraid to ask about colors, sizes, other options etc.  We'd love to work to make something that works for you!

Baby Beds and High Chairs $30 each or the set for $50!
Pick your color and your mattress/bib pattern

Dress-Up Clothes Organizer: $50
This comes in the three colors that the beds/highchairs comes in.  The closet rod is great for hanging tu-tu's, dresses, occupation vests, etc.  The bottom has three dividers for shoes, crowns, jewelry, etc.

Step Stools: Just $15

Three-Piece Kitchen Set: $250
This can be made in a variety of color combinations.  One of Taryn's favorite places to play!

Play Loft: $450
This is by far the most ambitious project that I've asked of Derek and he was able to create what was in my head and beyond!  This loft is SO MUCH fun!  Originally it was just in a playroom and toys were kept up top.  As our family has grown, however, we decided to put it use even more and moved Taryn's toddler mattress up there.  She loves sleeping up here and all of her friends that come over are very impressed.  : )  It has been a wonderful way to maximize the use of space in her room.  Can be made in any color!

Well, if you've seen anything you have to have or if you have an idea of your own please don't hesitate to let us know!  We'd love to get you what you like and would value your support of adoption in the process!


  1. Lindsey,
    Are you all still making the dress-up clothes organizers? And, if so, will you be selling any at the Kansas Barn Sale? I would be interested in getting one from you for my girls. You can email me at
    Thanks, Stacee

  2. What cute stuff! Wished my kids were little and not teens so I could get them this! Nice job :) Saw you listed at the Kansas Barn Sale's Facebook page.

  3. Hi my sister got one of your Dress up Clothes Organizers when she found you on Craigslist and I really want one, we've been searching on craigslist hoping you might still have them on there and finally thought to look on the organizer and saw the link to your blog. Hoping you are still selling them? Please email me at and I would love one if you still have them! Thank you -Diamond