Friday, May 25, 2012

My Unicorn Likes Blue Socks

So, yeah, that title. Blogger keeps track of strange things. Like how people access your blog. As though it matters to me how many people read using internet explorer or firefox, on their iphone or their android. Also included in the strange fact sheet is a list of search terms people put in to their search engine that lead them to your blog. And yes, right there in the middle of my stats is "my unicorn likes blue socks". I feel kinda bad for the person seeking out fellow unicorn owners with similar tastes in socks. I mean, that's got to be a small target group anyway and then to be led to my blog where there is, in fact, no mention of unicorns or blue socks it has to be a let-down. I can only hope that they were able to unite with fellow mythological-creature-with-concern-for-foot-warmth lovers on another blog.

Moving on, here is some more randomness for your day.

Is it just our house or do you go through and inordinate amount of spoons too? I find myself washing a load of only spoons.

I don't know where her pants went. And I don't know where those twizzlers came from.
I'm obviously a mom who teaches her children to thrive from the goodness of apples and celery.
Those must be someone elses...

She insisted she needed to look like a "rock star". Here's the final product.

Nothing sweeter.

They say you can never love too much...

Taryn took this one.

Taryn took this one too. Brecken wanted no part of it.
And again, I hardly think it my job to keep track of EVERYONE'S pants in the house. Jeesh!

Proof that no babies were harmed during that previous baby-sqeezing episode.

The littlest has taken over the high chair with her insatiable appetite which means Brecken has moved to a spot at the table.

She thinks she's hot stuff. She's right.

I love when these two play together. And check-it -- pants on both! Woot Woot!

This one turned 9 months. NINE!

It's been nice out. Not slip-and-slide nice but try telling that to these girls.

Any day where they get to wear a swim cap and goggles is a good day.

Hello gorgeous!

My mom had a birthday....32 I think. These girls were on hand to help celebrate.
And this one's for you blue sock wearing unicorn owner....

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Plants, Parks, Practicing and Painting

Sometimes when I get really busy I pass things off to my pretend assistant. She is not super-effective. Sometimes I think her lack of effectiveness stems from my own carelessness in having hired the wrong Myers-Briggs personality type for the job. (She’s a total INFP.) Sometimes I think her lack of effectiveness stems from the fact that she is pretend. Either way, lately she's had a lot of tasks passed off to her because lets face it, my body is still wired for "summer break". And, as of last Wednesday it was officially summer 'round these parts.

But Lindsey, you say, you're almost 30. You've been out of school for over 7 years. You still have a house to run, children to raise, food to cook and laundry to do. Life doesn't stop for 10 weeks like you think it does. Well tell it to my assistant. Speaking of....where has she gone off to? I haven't seen her in a while and I see there's still a pile of dishes in the sink. I may have to fire her...

Anyway, as it is summer break and I'm boycotting all former chores I've need to fill this time with other things. Don't worry, we've been busy.


Playing at the Park:



So as you can see, summer is in full swing. Now I'm off to find an assistant with a little more intensity, maybe an ESTJ....and less in my imagination...

Monday, May 21, 2012

Perks of the Job...

Four year old conversations...

Me: Taryn. You've told me that three times already!
Taryn: Not three mommy......eight.

Following a burp....
Taryn: Well THAT was unnecessary!!

Taryn: Mommy?
Me: What.
Taryn: Mommy, if you need to get some rest you can because I can watch the babies. I'm a really good big sister. 

And she's right. She is.
Maybe not enough for me to take that rest but enough for my heart to melt that she would offer. : ) 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Zoo Day

So we've had some pretty amazing weather lately and a certain 4 year old has had the "can we go to the zoo" refrain set on repeat around here so we finally made a point to go. We hooked up with some friends/cousins and had a great day.

I was hoping since we went in April that we'd be beating all the school field trips but when we pulled off the highway and saw the sea of yellow buses we knew we were wrong about that. Someone told us that schools only come on Wed, Thurs, Friday. I'm not sure if that's true or not but some of you mommies thinking about going in the next month might keep that in consideration.

Once we got in, however, it really didn't feel crowded and wasn't a problem.

Anyhoo...I didn't take a ton of pictures but here's a couple. Brecken's just getting big enough to start focusing in on some of the animals and showing some interest.

Hello Sweet Girls!!

Nature's very own Moby wrap.

Finn peering safely from her stroller.

Almost looks as though there's no glass. Creepy!

The babies in the group: Finnley, Mara and Brecken

Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Bubble

I saw on Pinterest this idea: (I'm trying to remember if I've had an original idea since signing on to that site....nope.)

I read the process and checked it against my requirements for new home activities:

I know, I know that's a rigorous checklist.  Hey! I've got two babies who are 7 months apart here...give me a break!

I gathered up the materials during a blessed break that my amazing mom-in-law provides when needed (I promise it's not daily....yet) and got to work on it one day when we didn't have much else planned.

Our opening...

It was almost tall enough that Taryn couldn't reach.

Here's what it looked like from the outside. I used two 9'x12' tarps. It was crazy-big. Just a small fan and a small hole for crawling through.

Please excuse my hair/no make-up. I was busy making room-sized bubbles this day!
I was a little skeptical about this all working but honestly it was better than I could have hoped! I didn't think our fan would be powerful enough but it was set on the lowest setting. It was a tad windy know, I put my little 8lb free weights in the corners and that helped hold it all in place. Piece of cake!

Try it, you'll like it!

It was still in use that evening. The girls took their sticker books inside for some privacy...