Friday, May 25, 2012

My Unicorn Likes Blue Socks

So, yeah, that title. Blogger keeps track of strange things. Like how people access your blog. As though it matters to me how many people read using internet explorer or firefox, on their iphone or their android. Also included in the strange fact sheet is a list of search terms people put in to their search engine that lead them to your blog. And yes, right there in the middle of my stats is "my unicorn likes blue socks". I feel kinda bad for the person seeking out fellow unicorn owners with similar tastes in socks. I mean, that's got to be a small target group anyway and then to be led to my blog where there is, in fact, no mention of unicorns or blue socks it has to be a let-down. I can only hope that they were able to unite with fellow mythological-creature-with-concern-for-foot-warmth lovers on another blog.

Moving on, here is some more randomness for your day.

Is it just our house or do you go through and inordinate amount of spoons too? I find myself washing a load of only spoons.

I don't know where her pants went. And I don't know where those twizzlers came from.
I'm obviously a mom who teaches her children to thrive from the goodness of apples and celery.
Those must be someone elses...

She insisted she needed to look like a "rock star". Here's the final product.

Nothing sweeter.

They say you can never love too much...

Taryn took this one.

Taryn took this one too. Brecken wanted no part of it.
And again, I hardly think it my job to keep track of EVERYONE'S pants in the house. Jeesh!

Proof that no babies were harmed during that previous baby-sqeezing episode.

The littlest has taken over the high chair with her insatiable appetite which means Brecken has moved to a spot at the table.

She thinks she's hot stuff. She's right.

I love when these two play together. And check-it -- pants on both! Woot Woot!

This one turned 9 months. NINE!

It's been nice out. Not slip-and-slide nice but try telling that to these girls.

Any day where they get to wear a swim cap and goggles is a good day.

Hello gorgeous!

My mom had a birthday....32 I think. These girls were on hand to help celebrate.
And this one's for you blue sock wearing unicorn owner....

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  1. Love the startled look on Mara's face as she's getting squeezed! You're looking very tan after vacation (or perhaps pre-vacation). Jealous!