Monday, May 21, 2012

Perks of the Job...

Four year old conversations...

Me: Taryn. You've told me that three times already!
Taryn: Not three mommy......eight.

Following a burp....
Taryn: Well THAT was unnecessary!!

Taryn: Mommy?
Me: What.
Taryn: Mommy, if you need to get some rest you can because I can watch the babies. I'm a really good big sister. 

And she's right. She is.
Maybe not enough for me to take that rest but enough for my heart to melt that she would offer. : ) 


  1. So very, very adorable. Shes a good big sister. Keeping me smiling over here. All my prayers include your lovely family. You are doing so good. I read it all, I love the pictures they always put a smile on my face. God Bless Your family.

  2. Next time you should take her up on it & spy on her. I'd be curious how she decides to take care of the babies when you're not around. Willing to bet it would be pretty cute!! :)

  3. Haha! I'd like to know what was so important that it merited eight repetitions.