Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Plants, Parks, Practicing and Painting

Sometimes when I get really busy I pass things off to my pretend assistant. She is not super-effective. Sometimes I think her lack of effectiveness stems from my own carelessness in having hired the wrong Myers-Briggs personality type for the job. (She’s a total INFP.) Sometimes I think her lack of effectiveness stems from the fact that she is pretend. Either way, lately she's had a lot of tasks passed off to her because lets face it, my body is still wired for "summer break". And, as of last Wednesday it was officially summer 'round these parts.

But Lindsey, you say, you're almost 30. You've been out of school for over 7 years. You still have a house to run, children to raise, food to cook and laundry to do. Life doesn't stop for 10 weeks like you think it does. Well tell it to my assistant. Speaking of....where has she gone off to? I haven't seen her in a while and I see there's still a pile of dishes in the sink. I may have to fire her...

Anyway, as it is summer break and I'm boycotting all former chores I've need to fill this time with other things. Don't worry, we've been busy.


Playing at the Park:



So as you can see, summer is in full swing. Now I'm off to find an assistant with a little more intensity, maybe an ESTJ....and less in my imagination...

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  1. All your girls make me smile but I especially love that pic of Mara. Sooo sweet! Looks like you guys are having fun!