Sunday, November 27, 2011

Time To Shop!

Whew!  What a weekend.  We can officially say we've got one craft event under our belt.  While it was a little slower traffic-wise than I might have dreamed up in my head (picture black-friday-walmart-style hoards of people all clamoring for our home-made goodness), we were still able to bring home some more money for our baby's fund that we didn't start the day with.  For that we are so thankful!  Thank you to those of you who took the time out of your busy weekend to stop by.  It truly meant so much to us.  I've had a lot of questions about what's left, costs and how I can get it to you.  I'm happy to pass on all that information.  Please feel free to ask questions about colors and options and whatever else you want to know.  We'd be happy to deliver to you too. 

Remember 100% of your purchase will go straight to our Congo fund.  Now, time to shop!

Heated Corn Bags: $5
Great aches, pains, cramps, warming the foot of the bed, warming your car seat, etc. Super stocking-stuffer!

Hair Accessories Organizer: $15 
Ribbons for bows and flowers, small hooks for head bands at the bottom
These went pretty fast but we're making more so let me know if you're interested so we get enough made!

Christmas Tree Shirts: $10   12 mo, 18 mo, 24 mo, and 3T

Felt Food Sets: $5 a plate
A plate includes a turkey leg, baked potato with butter, carrot and 5 pea pods.

Diaper Bag Sets: $20
Bag, bib, 2 dipers, burp cloth, and wipes holder and 5 wipes.  Several patterns available.

Ruffle Bag Totes: $10
Several colors and two different sizes.  All have a Bible verse. 

Felt Diapers: 4 for $5

Tooth Fairy Pillow: $7
This has a little pocket on one side for a tooth and a chart on the back for recording your child's tooth losses.  There are more in the works in some more fabric options due to popular demand! 

Chef's Hats and Aprons: $20
These are so cute and really enhanced the girl's play. 

 Occupation Vests: $10 or 3 for $25

Capes: $5
There are several colors and shapes of these left.  Such fun for your little super-hero!

This was a long one so I'll do a separate post for all of the wood-working type items that we have. 
Please don't be shy about asking if there's something you are interested in and you'd like to support this adoption fundraiser.  Pass the link on to others that you think might be interested too!


  1. so cute!!! i can't remember which cape i picked for meredith. If you have the pink with the lightning bolt, will you hold it back for me. May want christmas tree shirts too if the 3t doesn't look real snug. thanks!

  2. I am interested in one set of the felt diapers (they are for dolls is that correct? :)
    Susan Shaw

  3. If we get some stuff from you...could I meet you in Newton or something sometime to get it from you? I know we would for sure want one of the hair organizers (I know you said you needed to know on those). Chris and I are going to look later when the girls go to bed, so we can actually think. :) Do you have any the furniture stuff left...if so, can you give me prices? I'll let you know what else... :)
    Jessica Ensley

  4. Please call me today. My husband is in Wichita for the next two days, and I want him to pick up a Hair bow organizer. My number is 816-510-4527. I'm a friend of Debora's. (Flypal from long ago!)
    Melissa Robinson

  5. Would you be able to ship the diaper bag set? And would you have any patterns that could be gender neutral? My son wants a boy doll and boy diaper bag.......impossible to buy a blue diaper bag in the stores.

    Thanks Jackie

  6. Jackie, we can absolutely ship the diaper bag set to you and would be happy to make it up in a more boyish pattern. Did you have a particular color or pattern in mind or just something in blues? If you could send me your e-mail or phone number we could connect that way and continue your order. My e-mail is Thanks for your interest! Lindsey