Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sister Love

I'm the oldest of two kids. So, that means that I only had one shot at having a great sibling. Luckily for me I've got an awesome sister. Like, really really. And today is her BIRTHDAY!!

She's turning 27 but you know how there are some people that you just freeze in your mind at a certain age? For some reason I've done that with her at around 18....or maybe 22 but I have a hard time wrapping my mind around the idea that my little sister could be 27. That's just to grown-up. Too adult. Not to mention that it puts me above that number and I'd rather not consider that either...

Anyhoo...she's a pretty busy gal living in a huge city far away, working as an editor at cool jobs like Rand McNally, Groupon, and now Travelzoo. She worked for Groupon when they were just a handful of people trying to get deals to the masses. You know, before they decided the only thing we must do is golf and get facials. Seriously Groupon -- can't you throw in a deal to the zoo or a steal on diapers now and again?!

Oops, off track again. Her Travelzoo job now comes with some pretty awesome travel perks too. Think Paris for Thanksgiving, Dubai for the summer and Kansas for Christmas. Well, ok, so that last one might only have the draw of her nieces who adore her. She's the "cool aunt" who sends fun gifts, clothes from stores I can't afford and the only person they get to talk to on the computer via skype which in Taryn's mind makes her extra cool. 


She's a fiercely loyal friend, has a sense of humor that keeps me laughing, writes a blog that I wait (im)patiently for each day and loves adventure (skydiving, snorkeling with sharks, figuring out the train system in Chicago). 

I'm crazy proud of her and can't wait to see the places she'll go in 27. Kelsey, I love you and wouldn't pick another sister if I could.

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