Thursday, March 22, 2012

Jelly Sandwiches and Shampoo Body Wash

We're SO tired. While we've been home from the hospital with our little one for a couple weeks and the other two have since ditched the worst of the coughs and runny noses, we're still not quite at 100%. For the last couple weeks Mara hasn't gotten back to her sleep-through-the-night self. She just gets so clogged up with crud still and that hinder's her pacifier which, in turn, wakes her up. We've tried lots of stuff, sucking her out, propping up one end of her mattress, the humidifier, vapo-rub, etc. She just has a rough time. The other night I was on shift until 2:30 then Derek took over and ended up just sleeping on the floor of her room the rest of the night. Friday night we went to bed around midnight. At 12:45 Mara started up with her coughing/fussing. After a couple attempts to give her the pacifier and sneak back to bed I gave up and brought her up to the couch with me.  I finally got her settled down (sorta) around 3:45.  I don't know if I ever stayed up till 3:45 even in college! 

We're surviving though. Luckily I've got an amazing husband that is happy to help out and I've been able to sneak a nap in now and again. Doesn't mean I haven't found myself falling victim to the lack of sleep....
  • I pack our lunch on Tuesday's to eat between Bible study and swim lessons. It wasn't until we had almost finished last Tuesday that I realized I had put two peanut butter slices together and two jelly slices together.  No wonder that first half seemed so sweet and the second half was a little sticky to get down.
  • This morning I caught myself putting a blob of shampoo instead of body wash on my spongey loufa thingy. Well, soap's soap....right? 
  • I was trying to get Brecken into her pajama sleeper the other night and couldn't figure out why her arm didn't want to seem to reach the arm hole only to finally focus in and see that I was trying to shover her into one of Mara's sleepers.  Sigh.
The days are still fun and I love watching these girls grow and learn. What joy in the midst of sleepiness! 

Brecken particularly seems to have had another growth spurt in size and development. I hate that she's getting so un-babyish but she's so stinkin' cute and funny that I'm letting it slide. 

I love how she marches around and ALWAYS has each hand full of a "treasure" of some kind.

Stylin' on her way to church Sunday morning.

I may have shed a tear when I went in to get her this day. She just looked SO BIG and I couldn't stand it!

So, while I dream of sleeping more than 2 hours at a time I also relish the joy that is my days. Could there be anything better than raising three sweet girls!?  I can't imagine even a full night's sleep could be better.  : )


  1. I feel for you and Derek its a scary thing worrying about our babies breathing. My daughter has terrible allergies. As an infant I took her to many doctors and got so many opinions. Finally took her to a doctor who had treated my whole family my mother father and myself from infancy. Dr Thompson knew right away exactly what was making her sick. He knew our family medical histories and was familiar with the allergen triggers. Doctor Danial D. Thompson recently passed away but Doctor Dennis Knight took on most of his patients. It is very frustrating and difficult to not be able to understand and cure our little ones. Your little one may not have allergies and chronic bronchitis like mine did but it wouldnt hurt to check. I am praying for your family. You are blessed to have a loving husband to help out.

  2. I bet you have your hands full. God Bless you and yours. Sesame street toys. I found a really cool one I call it a jam box, it needs to be cleaned but it makes the coolest sound effects. Reading your blogs soothes my heart. Have some things, Arts and crafts stuff, & ive been working on a doll. I look forward to pictures and stories. The little one calling out her baby sisters name today as you picked her up aww so sweet. She seemed so shy after that but I can see how much she missed and loved her. Stay wonderful :-)

    1. We do have our hands full but it is the good kind. : ) We are truly so blessed and I'm in awe of what has happened to our family every day. We don't take it for granted. She loved the box. It is the perfect size for her to play with as she's sitting up and makes lots of great noise. She will have lots of protection from both of her big sisters. They are very posessive of her and love her lots!