Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Winter Bike Rides

Well, as mentioned recently, the winter has been really mild here. So, we've taken advantage of it and gone on a few bike rides.

I need to get better about getting myself into pictures. I know that someday I'll regret that I'm not in more with the girls. Love our evenings together!


  1. Missing ur bloggs about another subject. I was hoping that you would continue the bloggs. Everyday I pray that a certain someone is safe and well. Its good to see the happy smiles. Cant really ask for anything more. I know in my heart that yours is a good home. Your a lot like my daughter though she has been distracted. No matter what, I know you are good parents. You have been through a lot and you have still managed to open your hearts and homes. I have felt a peace in my heart. I truly have faith in a matter for you. From what I have been allowed to see I know you deserve the best. There is a lot I can not say but if I could I would say Thank You and keep the faith it is going to pay off. Every child deserves stability

    1. The "powers that be" asked that our smallest family member be removed as a topic of discussion on this blog which makes me sad too because we love to share how special and loved she is but we understand. Know that she is so very loved and that no matter the outcome her first months were full of routine, hugs, and calm. We will continue to pray for God's will in her life and what will be best for her just as I know you are. In any activity pictured in the future just know that she was close by smiling and laughing along with us! : )