Saturday, February 18, 2012

The "Ghost House"

A year and a half ago we bought a large lot with our best friends, built four town homes moved into two and have had adventures in land-lording since then. We apparently hit our heads hard on something since that process and forgot what it was like when our husbands were gone each evening building not one but FOUR houses, and we were left behind to rear children that, quite frankly, are as tired of us as we are of them by 6 at night.  However, all craziness and insanity aside, we're about to do it again.  We've had our eye on this large lot with a sad, boarded up old house for quite some time.  After months of trying to track down who owned it, where it came from and what we might be able to get it for we gave up.  Then, suddenly a couple months ago a For Sale sign was up in the yard and we pounced. 

Now, we are the proud(?) owners of this beauty.  Sadly, it has to be torn down 1, because the city says so and 2, so we can get hopefully three units on it to rent out. You know, more bang for our buck.

Inviting, right? 

Taryn and London call it the "ghost house".  Now, I'm a sucker for old houses and I really do hate to see this one torn down. We've already had someone contact us who is interested in pulling out some of the trim and door frames to use in their older home that they are trying to keep true to the original design in.  We also plan on pulling out the two sets of french doors and maybe some of the stair rails and ballisters.  I'm still sad for the house though.  And in case we've hurt the home's feelings I can attest to the fact that it was once much loved and very quaint. One of my best friends in High School lived here and it was different back then.  It is so amazing what a few years of sitting empty can do to a place. 

Wish us luck!!


  1. This is awesome...congratulations! I have always wanted to see the inside of this. I LOVE it. I think I want to be your tenant. ;)

  2. Oh my goodness!! Is this the house behind the Methodist Church? I was there all the time when I was sad to see it so sad.

    1. Yep, that's the one! It is a sad sight now. I still don't really understand how it happened but is certainly isn't liveable anymore.

    2. Oh, that is so was such a neat old house!! Good luck with all the work ahead of you!