Monday, February 6, 2012

Winter One-derland

In the midst of what we've been living with Blake and Libby we've also had milestones come and go.

Our joyful and adventurous Brecken turned one! Even though Brecken's birthday and party was before Paxten went to be with Jesus I was already struggling then with the feeling of foolishness in my everyday activities. It felt silly to plan a party, make cupcakes, be concerned over decorations when dear friends just wanted to have their baby wake up. My heart wasn't really in it. A friend pointed out how continuing to live and to enjoy the every day with our children is one of the things that God was teaching us through Paxten. We did meet with family to enjoy Brecken and to celebrate all that she had accomplished in the past year. I do enjoy planning parties, meals and get-togethers.  We had a good time and I loved watching people come together to love our Brecken. 

We had a Winter One-derland theme with fun snowflakes and yummy cupcakes. 

Our cupcakes were done by Julie who is putting all cake sales towards their future adoption from China.  If you're local and need a cake or cupcakes for anything please consider using her. I just gave her a vague idea of what I was thinking and she came up with these beauties from that and they were so yummy.  Add to that the fact that the money goes to an amazing cause and I'm pretty sure we should all be making up more reasons to include cake in our lives.  Like "Laundry Day" cake.  And "I survived taking three kids 4 and under to the dentist with me cake".

Yes, I see more cake in my future. 

This banner is still hanging at our house because it makes me so happy.  12 pictures for 12 amazing months.  So fun to see the progression. 

When Taryn turned one my mom gave her the rocking chair that was given to me when I turned one.  So she bought Brecken one for her first birthday too. 

       Brecken - January 25, 2012                                                   Taryn - July 25, 2008

Taryn had more hair at 1 year and weighed a couple pounds less.  Otherwise they look a lot alike.
Brecken's one year stats are 30 and a half inches tall and 20 lbs.  She had gotten 4 shots the afternoon before the party (nice planning mommy) so I don't thinks she felt 100%.  She also had her FIRST tooth pop through that day. All that and the fact that we had a little mishap with her candle on her cupcake meant that my pictures were pretty poor and sparse and I left feeling that the party was a bit of a dud.  However, as I mentioned above, when put into the perspective of what Blake and Libby were going through it was really such a blessing to celebrate our little girl.

Brecken was a gift in so many ways.  I had told myself that my heart could not take another miscarriage and that this pregnancy would be my last attempt to grow our family in that way.  I added a hormone during the beginning of the pregnancy that made me pretty sick and tired (something I'd never had in my other pregnancies).  When we finally got to bring home our winter baby I could appreciate her with such a new perspective. She helped to heal a year of hurt. 

Currently she is BUSY! Everywhere we go people look down at Brecken running around from here to there and then look up at me and say, "Wow! You're busy!"  I always smile and happily say, "Yes, but it's the good kind of busy."  Because it is.  She says Momma, Dadda and I think she's trying baby.  She's very interested in dogs and says "Woo Woo" for a bark. She is loud squealing and shrieking often which I love. As I said she finally has one little tooth which is so fun to see when she smiles.  She enjoys eating just about anything we put in front of her.  She still has a morning and bedtime bottle but she also does well with a sippy and milk. She loves bringing things to Mara (now 5 months) giving them to her, waiting a moment then pulling it out of her hands. Her favorite place is outside and she can march all over the place all afternoon.  She is a good napper and a great sleeper.  I love walking into her room to get her out of her bed.  I go in smiling because I know I get to hug her. 

The first thing I heard about Brecken seconds after I delivered her was that she had quite the cheeks. Her cheeks continue to be a topic of conversation for people because, let's face it....they are fantastically adorable. 

While our days have had a cloud of the loss of Paxten over them we have also had joy. Brecken is one of three joys in my day and while I'm sad for the passing of a year I'm so excited to see what this year brings. 

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