Monday, February 13, 2012

Winter Swim = Summer Freedom

A lot of our summer is spent outside and at the pool or the lake.  So, in preparation of possibly having two tiny ones to keep an eye on in the baby pool and knowing that I was pushing the limits of Taryn's interest in it last year (I mean she can see the big kid pool just across the sidewalk) I decided the girl better learn to swim before summer so I could worry just a tad less about her being in that big pool while I tried to corral the little ones at the baby pool.  Taryn's best friend London had the same need.  So, the girls got enrolled in swim lessons at a pool that has a good reputation of teaching kids to swim.  I felt pretty confident because it came with a pretty intimidating pre-talk that said that sometimes kids were terrified to come back after the first class and would cry when being dropped off but that we need to power through.  Maybe it sounds morbid but for some reason I relate swim lessons that make a kid cry to also being able to make her learn to swim.  Don't worry, neither Taryn or London cried, they actually love it and can't wait to go.

(note to self for future goggle buying: get tinted lenses so you can't tell your daughters eyes being squeezed shut.)

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