Saturday, October 1, 2011

Been Kinda Quiet

So I've been a little slow to post lately and that's mainly because if there is a spare moment I'm trying to wash the pileup of dishes, switch out a neglected load of laundry, or glance in the mirror for the first time in a week (a mistake I won't be making again, it wasn't pretty).  We're a newborn home again!  We said goodbye to Serenity after having her couple months and as I dropped her off the social worker said, "Do you want a baby?"  After a pause I said, "like right now?"  Turns out the answer was yes.  So, we welcomed tiny little Amara into our home.  She had just turned three weeks old although she was about 5 weeks premature so so was quite small.  Now she's about 5 and a half weeks and has stolen everyone's heart. 

I'm fairly certain that I will never be able to tell Youthville no when they ask if I want a baby. 

 Her hair is fantastic.

Everyone is a fan:

Even our girls are getting the hang of having a new tiny one around.
It hasn't been all wonderful.  I've questioned whether it was right to have brought a baby into the family with Brecken still so young.  Amara has had some rough evenings/nights/early mornings that have left me with just a couple short naps to get me through the day.  Knowing when I lay down at night that I'll have to nurse Brecken at least once and bottle feed Amara 2-3 times is a little disheartening.  However, I'm honored and don't take lightly the responsibility of giving such a tiny gift a consistent loving start.  When I look at her sleeping and think about all the drama surrounding her family it makes me so sad.  For as long as she's here we'll love on her and provide her the most healthy start she can have. 

I'm even learning to let a dish or two sit in the sink till the next morning.  Ok, lets not get carried away....we know that's not happening.  : ) 

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