Sunday, October 23, 2011

Some Day's Don't Go Like You Planned

And sometimes it is entire weekends.  This last weekend we had a little get-away planned with Derek's family. The last couple years we've gone to my parent's cabin at Shell Knob, Mo on Table Rock Lake but 1) we've outgrown that house and 2) we've seen the sights there a couple times now. So, we headed to Salina this year. We made plans for a couple museums, the Rolling Hills Animal Reserve and of course some time hanging out playing games, swimming and talking.  A lot of that was accomplished for our family.  Taryn particularly loved the swimming pool and it's impressive water slide.  And having her best cousin friend Lucy on hand to play with.  A down side was trying to get all 5 of us asleep at once in the hotel room.  For some reason Brecken, who usually sleeps just fine, was up and crying Every. Single. Hour. the first night.  Add in Mara's feedings, a noisy hallway, and a bed with a mattress that was literally U-shaped and it is no surprise that sleep was hard to come by.  We rallied the next day though and had a great time a local museum that was very hands-on for the kids and a beautiful picnic lunch at a really fun playground.  We settled in for night two praying that the girls would just be exhausted enough to sleep a few hours uninterrupted.  It started out better but 3 a.m. found Taryn up this time with a tummy ache.  Shortly after she started throwing up and continued every half hour for the next few hours.  She finally stopped around 2 pm. the next day.  Poor sweet thing was pale, limp and so so sad.  She was really looking forward to going to the "zoo" on Sunday but obviously that was a no-go and we drove home with momma in the back seat beside her holding a bowl and praying for a quick trip home.  I felt so bad for her as she pleaded and promised that she wouldn't throw up if she could just go to the zoo.  Bless her heart.  She seemed to perk up a tiny bit tonight, had a few swallows of some pedialyte and a saltine.  So, now I'm praying for a full night's sleep and my bright eyed beauty back to herself in the morning. 

I'm so very blessed to have Derek's family in my life.  I wish the weekend had gone a little differently but we were so lucky to have all his sweet siblings and his parents nearby for help.  I'm glad for the fun we did have and I know that Taryn took some good memories away from Salina.  Here's hoping next year's trip will go a little smoother though!

To prove that lots of fun was had.....



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