Monday, October 22, 2012

The Dairy Farm

A benefit of being a stay-at-home mom? I get to join in on Taryn's field trips!

Taryn's class went to Klausmeyer Dairy Farms and Pumpkin Patch recently and I tagged along. I was impressed with all they had to offer and had fun watching T interact with her classmates. 

We stayed busy...

Milking cows.

Riding in wagons.

Running through the large hay bale maze.

Swinging on horses.

Running through tubes.

Watching the pig races.

Cheering for the winners.

Laughing at the running pigs.

Feeding baby sheep.

Petting bunnies.

Learning about milk cows.

Picking just the right pumpkin off the vine.

Riding with friends on the trailer.

Feeling what it's like to get milked.

Jumping hay bales.

Feeding the cows.
 It was a fun morning (despite the Kansas wind) and I loved getting to spend time with T and her class.  Such a great group of kids! 

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