Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Leaves and Time

For no good reason I decided to look back at what we were doing on this day three years ago. Oh. My Goodness. I didn't realize what a heart-wrencher that would be. Seeing T so tiny and in all her cuteness, reminiscing about the simplicity of being just a family of three and the sweetness that comes from being able to pour your time into one kissable little girl and thinking about how I blinked and now she's 5 we have three other sweet loves living with us...can someone hold me please?!

It also reminded me about a fun fall activity that maybe you'd like to try! So here's my little girl (and our neighbor) from what seems like one week and 20 years ago all at the same time. 

Cuteness overload.
Here's the activity. We went on a fall walk and collected some leaves....

Then, we took them home and prepared our wax. I used a disposible pan and placed it on a burner over low heat.

The wax I got in the canning section of the grocery store.


Don't forget...the wax is hot! Make sure you trust the kiddo you're letting dip. It helps when you have long stems like these leaves did. Dip the leaf, lay it on wax paper to cool. You can see how it really brought out the colors and gives it a beautiful gloss.
Then, we strung ours on fishing line. Love my little helpers...


These lasted through the season then they started to get dry. Simple but fun!
Now, if you'll excuse me, I have not-so-little girl to go squeeze before she's 20 years old. 

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