Saturday, October 20, 2012

Phone Purge

I recently got a new phone because my old one had a close encounter with the garage floor. I was due for the upgrade anyway so we went for it since my old phone left tiny shards of glass on my check when talking and thumb when texting and that's not as fun as it sounds.

So, this meant I had to get all the junk off my old phone. Now you techies are going to cringe when I say this but I think I had only plugged my phone into my computer maybe one other time in the two and a half years I had it. I know, I know...upgrades, music, apps, picture transfers, etc, etc.  Just not my thing. Needless to say, I had a *couple* pictures to get off of there. Here's just a few of the more recent ones...

I love her joy when sliding (and sliding, and sliding, and sliding).
A hug is a strangle you haven't finished yet.

Sweet rock counter.

Sweet sleeper.

Chatting with her reflection. They're good friends. 

This is how Aven's been crawling lately. Unique but one step closer to walking so I'll take it.  

She could dig forever.

Checking out the bobcat.

Summer softball in the yard.

Scored these awesome lockers for a steal So excited to put them to use.

Poor baby had a cold. It made for lots of cuddling and sleeping.

Hello piggy tails!

The girls recently started sharing a room. I LOVE getting to open this door each morning.

Sweet sisters.

Getting ready to be dedicated at church.
Well that's all for now. Maybe I'll think about plugging this new phone in more now-and-again. But -- probably not. : ) 

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