Thursday, October 18, 2012

Jack-O-Lantern Smile

We've got some big news around here! No, not that kind of big news. I've got two one year olds, people! Geesh.

This kind of big news.....!

At the age of 5 years 3 months T lost her first tooth!
She'd been working on that sucker for quite some time.
I wouldn't know that from observation.
Just over hearing it.
I avoid all things teeth if wiggling is involved.
Like I literally ran from the room if I heard any whispers of a loose tooth.
So gross.
But, I am so happy for her because she was SO. STINKIN'. HAPPY.
Seriously. She even said it: "I'm so happy mommy!"
If you look close you can see that her permanent tooth was already growing up behind her baby tooth. We almost missed the gap-stage completely with that one.
And so it begins. The tooth fairy has entered our world and I fear will be here for many years to come.
Ugh. Teeth.


  1. i totally agree. teeth (and anything involved with teeth) are gross. but...yay taryn!! she looks so happy. :)just make "teeth" daddy's thing. haha

    1. Oh yes, she quickly learned that I had NO interest in seeing that thing wiggle. She went straight to daddy for that nonsense! At least you've got a couple years before LK's start falling (but boy does it come fast)!

  2. Oh, goodness! Did she pull it herself?! I'm not looking forward to this stage...

    1. No, I think Derek did. T would have him check every night in bed if it was ready. Then she popped up one evening with it out. So I'm assuming that he pulled it. I steared clear of questioning much of the process. : )

  3. Really!?! Are we entering this stage already? I am not prepared. At All. I'd better get a plan in place for the tooth fairy, just in case!

    1. I wondered if Charlie had yet. I think T was kinda early. But not to her because her two best friends had each already lost two. One of them is only 4 too! With her dramatics you'd have thought she was going into HS with her baby teeth still. : ) Better get your fairy wings prepared!!