Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fall Festival

Our little town recently held its annual Fall Festival. I always look forward to this weekend. Something about the community and the weather and the parade and the rides and the food. Now that we have little ones there is a whole new level of fun. Taryn looks forward to Fall Fest for months. We live just a block from the rides so we have the added bonus of watching the rides come in and get set-up. Derek and T went down the evening before and sat on a bench for a long time just watching. T loved every second of it.

Ready to head to the parade.

Catching up with "Uncle" Blake

Waiting and waiting!

Blue-eyed baby #3.

Talking with baby Izzie, Paxten's sister we can't wait to meet!


B's turn to chat with Blake.

My favorite girls.

Because of our proximity to the action we volunteered our home along with our neighbors for food, bathrooms and of course....football. And when there is more than one beloved team playing at once? Well you need more than one TV of course!

Now that's a good end to a good day. Nothing puts me in the fall spirit like Fall Fest!

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