Friday, July 13, 2012

Safe Rooms

Things are moving right along on the new rental project. The property has moved from this to this to

Because these properties don't have basements we put "safe rooms" in as laundry rooms so there is somewhere to go if there's a storm. Can't be too prepared in Kansas! Sorry, adorable girl in pink does not come with the unit.

World's cutest construction crew....always hard at work!

After the driveways and sidewalks were poured.

Kitchen/Hallway to the bedrooms.

Dining and Living Rooms

Checking on the drying process of the new driveways.   : )

We've already got 2 of the 3 rented which is a pleasant surprise for us considering they won't be completed for another couple months and we didn't even do any advertising yet. God is good! If you're close by and interested in a new place you better hit us up quick!!

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