Saturday, July 7, 2012

First Snips

For about 17 months now B has been working hard at growing hair. First she tried growing it a tad on the top. Then she focused on a little behind each ear. She pretty well ignored the back middle area though until the last couple months. While I liked to pretend that it looked like an intentional hair know, like a cute stacked bob look, it was time to face the was a strange mullet shag. Don't get me wrong, she rocked it like Billy Ray in the Achy Breaky years but it was still time to try to give it a more current shape. If you've ever cut a toddler's hair you know that you have to get in, get out and pretend that wavey lines are the new straight.

So, right now you're saying, I see no difference and she only has 3 total hairs anyway.  : )  Maybe so, but I do think it helps it look a tad thicker on the ends and hopefully now it will just be more encouraged to continue growing.

I think B is embracing her new style...


  1. I love the hair cut-Gracies hair is the same way. They are growing so fast, you all look great too. I just love reading what you write, keep it up! :)

  2. Can't wait to see these little sweeties soon!

  3. She is adorable and looks like a dolly. Those big smiles just crack me up. She and Amara will be doing each others hair here in another ten or more years lol. Those two are inseperable. I always love your writing. You have a flare for it. You are also a very good mommy. You are doing a good job every single moment. I love that you can dress them alike. I did the same when mine were little. Thank you once again for the smiles I get from you sharing your thoughts and photos. OS senior