Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Telephone 2.0

When I was still working for Early Head Start much of my job consisted of writing and presenting trainings to local schools and daycares. One of the trainings I did was on "outdoor activities" and so the other day when I was thinking our outdoor play needed something new I thought back to that training and remembered this simple activity that we used to present to our teachers.

This will be one of the easiest/quickest/cheapest toys you'll ever whip up for your kiddos. "Back in the day" our telephone's used to look like this:

Here's what you need for the new and improved version:

Funnel, Plastic Tubing, Tape

At our local hardware store the plastic tube was found in the isle marked "plastic tubing".  : ) I would say it was the plumbing section. I got about 12 feet. The funnels were from the automotive section.

Tape the funnels to the ends of the tube. Tricky stuff here people. 

Ta-Da! A telephone that gets suprisingly good reception. Now, if you're 5 years old you have 20 minutes of conversation that consists of "Londy?! Can you hear me?!?"  "Yes, I can hear you!! Can you hear me?!?"  Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Cheaper than an iphone! Get your kiddos one today!

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