Monday, April 9, 2012

Hair-Do's and Juice Stands

Taryn's best friend lives next door which is so great because they can walk back and forth all day long having adventures, sharing lunch and comparing outfits, toys and ability to jump from the swing in the back. They also have fun imaginations.

The other day it was announced to me (as most great ideas from these two girls are) that Taryn was opening a hair salon and that there was already a sign on the door. How lucky am I?! No need to scheduled hair appointments and babysitters anymore!

Even Taryn gets her hair done at her own salon. Thrifty!

And of course what fun is a hair trip without catching up on some reading. Taryn and I have been reading through the Little House on the Prairie books so I guess she's getting a chapter ahead of me here. If you notice in the background there are several bottles of "product" and brushes. There was also a little box of every hair accessory imaginable. It was cute to listen to.

The little entrepreneurs didn't stop there. It was also decided that a Kool-Aid stand should be opened during this warm weather we've been having. They did a great job manning their stations and actually sold quite a bit  Or maybe they just drank quite a bit. In any case, it was gone quickly.

Who could resist stopping for these two.....?

Can't wait to hear what the next big idea is!

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