Sunday, April 22, 2012


Derek and I were recently very blessed to join five other couples on a special trip to help two amazing people renew their vows.

The ceremony was perfect. Officiated by a friend, intimate, tearful and laugh-filled. If you've followed the Pearson's story at all you know that their marriage has been put to the test. As I stood there I thought about how even though they've been married fewer years than most of us there that they had endured so much more as a couple. Hard questions, loss, suffering and pain. The statistics aren't positive for couples in similar situations but knowing Blake and Libby like we do it is obvious that they have only pulled closer, drawing from each other's strengths and leaning on friends and family. They are a beautiful example of God's plan for marriage and it is just another reminder of how lucky Paxten was to have them as her mommy and daddy. If anyone deserved a renewal it was them.

Blake and Libby we are honored to know you, to be your friends and to have watched your relationship flourish even when under the terrible strain of finding your way in a world without your baby girl. Looking forward to years to come!

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