Friday, April 20, 2012

He's Not Here; He has Risen!

Praise the Lord! Do you know this truth? That Jesus died for you and was raised on the third day. Jesus is alive and it is for you that he lives. I pray this truth is in your heart and you were able to celebrate the wonder of that gift with loved ones on Easter. Our church celebration service was so wonderful. I got goosebumps more than once. : )

So I know it has been a while since Easter so this is a little behind. I'm hoping you'll forgive me and that pictures of my three blessings will serve as apology.  : )

Easter might be my favorite holiday. I love the promise of spring, the colors, the message of hope and joy at church and the opportunity to talk intentionally with my girls about the Lord that I pray they will grow to know and love as much as I do.

We had a good day. I attempted to get us all together, fed and dressed with a few minutes to spare for pictures before church. This is no small feat people. Three little girls fed, dressed, hair brushed and nursery bags packed. And managing to save some time in there to run a brush through my hair and slap on some mascara so that people don't start to wonder if they shouldn't up their prayer time for me at church. Anyhoo...we were ready and I got a few shots but mostly the girls just wanted to explore their baskets. We got some special memories though.

She's been working the hip-pop lately.

The patriotic addition is a swimsuit. All three got matching swimsuits in their baskets. I may just have them wear them from now on because they are So. Stinkin'. Cute.

My new favorite picture. My heart melts.

Easter-egg hunts overlapped nap-time. Hence normally forbidden-outside-the-crib pacifier.

Sweet cousins

Egg hunts did not interrupt this one's naptime! She was unimpressed with the eggs. : )

Sorry about the picture-overload. It is hard to narrow down. : ) Praying you can carry the joy of the Easter gift with you throughout the year!

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  1. Easter is ALWAYS going to be my favorite. I love you for all you are doing. I appreciate all of your bloggs. You are amazing. Those are the sweetest pictures EVER! God Bless you:)