Saturday, April 28, 2012

House From Scratch

So I don't know if I mentioned before but I married a pretty great guy. For about a thousand reasons. One of those reasons is how talented he with his work. A while back he was asked by Blake and Libby (Paxten's parents) to draw up plans for their new house. He was pretty excited because he got to put to use a CadSoft program we have to draw homes. He sat down with them and they began talking about their wishes and desires for their new home. Derek started drawing. Beautiful home plans came from that and then the house went up. I'm a builder's daughter and now a builder's wife so I've seen a lot of new homes. This one is definitely on my favorite list though. Everything in it is so specific and well thought out. The features are unique and important to them. I'm super proud of Derek for seeing this vision through and so happy for Blake and Libby that their wonderful style and taste was able to be brought to life. Here's a slideshow of their home.

Gorgeous!  Since this photo shoot was done Libby and Blake have styled it just beautifully and the yard has been wonderfully decked out in trees and the grass was just put in this weekend.

While this home was originally thought through with Paxten in mind, we look forward to the day that baby giggles and little running feet fill the places that were so lovingly designed for a growing family. 

Thinking of building a home?  Consider my dad and Derek!  : )

There is a virtual home tour of my parent's place on the website too. More amazing work!

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