Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I've mentioned our dear friends and their little girl Paxten before here and here

In the middle of the night last night poor Paxten lived out our worst nightmares.  She coded.  While she was able to be resuscitated she is still in a very dangerous place.  These are her mother's words early this morning....

"I don't even know how to start this update. Tonight Paxten was having major issues with her oxygen. It ended up dropping so low so quickly that she coded right there in bed and the nurses had to scream out for help; the emergency team rushed into the room about 10-15 people. They eventually resucitated (sp?) her but she was not able to breathe on her own so they intubated her. They took her down to the ICU and tried to hook her up to the regular ventilator but that was not working well enough so now she is on an oscillator. Her oxygen levels are still not where they need to be but they are slowly improving. Her other organs still look good at this point but her lungs are extremely sick. We are not out of the woods by any means and have an incredibly long road ahead of us. Needless to say we are in shock."
I can't even describe how hard this is to watch some of our closest friends go through.  When I think about what they witnessed and have gone through in the last 24 hours I feel like throwing up.   My heart literally hurts for them. 

A lot of my friends have talked about perspective in relation to Paxten's battle and they are so right.  While I'm discouraged by a teething baby, Blake and Libbby are happy with 10 minutes where Paxten is able to sit up.  When I'm frustrated by toys perpetually on the ground, Blake and Libby are watching their only baby girl struggle for breath. 

Beautiful things are being said for our Paxten. 




I don't know what to say that can add to this.  If God moves your heart to reevaluate your perspective please take that moment to pray for Blake and Libby and Paxten.  They've been on this road a very long time.  They are weary and hurting and scared.  We know that Paxten's healing is guaranteed already by the gift of Jesus Christ.  We are still pleading with God that we would get to see that healing played out here on earth. 

Please pray with us.

"Let Paxten dwell in the shelter of the Most High and rest in the shadow of the Almighty. Be her refuge, her fortress, her covering, her shield.  Do not let her fear the terror of the night, nor any type of plague or sickness.  Do not let any harm or disaster come near Paxten.  Command your angels to guard her in all her ways and keep her from hurting.  When she calls on you, answer her.  Be with her in trouble; deliver her and honor her.  Satisfy Paxten with long life and show her your salvation."
Psalm 91

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