Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas Blessings

Whew!  Here we are already four days into January and I haven't even shared our Christmas time fun.  We are so blessed to have both sides of our family close by which also means there are lots of get-togethers!  I think one of the best parts of starting a family is creating our own traditions and special memories for our kids.  It is important to us to also find time that is just our family to talk about the gift of baby Jesus, share our gifts for each other and enjoy the closing of another year. 

We typically meet with Derek's family on Christmas Eve.  There are lots of grandkids on this side so it is fast-paced and exciting.  Each year we take a picture with grandma and grandpa and all the kiddos. 

Christmas morning with just Derek me and the girls.

Happy first Christmas Brecken!  11 months

Getting the gifts into piles.  

My parents always have hundreds of geese in their backyard.

My sister got B and T adorable little jackets. Taryn asks to wear hers everyday. 


My cousins Jeff and Joni.  At this time last year I was at the end of a pregnancy and she was just starting one.  So crazy what a year can change!  Two little girls on that couch that weren't known yet last year. 
My other cousins Lori and Nate live in Nashville and couldn't come back this year.  This yearly picture is never quite the same without them.  : (  

My little sis and Momma.  

It was a busy, loving, fun-filled Christmas.  While I never really put a ton of thought into a new year, this year seems especially exciting with the unknown of what God will do in our family's life.  We have high hopes of bringing our son home in 2012.  We have dreams of being able to officially bring Mara into our family.  A far-fetched dream but high on our prayer list non-the-less.

I pray that your holidays were full of family and had moments where you were able to slow down and truly think about the amazing gift given to us on that night in Bethlehem.
Welcome 2012!!

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  1. Hopefully next year we'll have a very full couch of kids — perhaps even one that isn't a girl (!?!?!) — and I'll help make the pile of cousins pic an actual pile! Love you, miss you & excited for all this year will bring. I have a feeling it's going to be a good one!!