Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I Love.....Usher?

A while back facebook began sorting our status updates according to popular topics. In December, for example, I imagine your newsfeed often said,
                      so-and-so and 173 other friends posted about "Christmas". 

Recently I posted on facebook this status....

"The fungus has now been detected in paxtens blood and cmv levels that were holding at 150,000 have now gone over 2 million. The doctors plan on attacking the fungus hard but they do not think her kidneys will be able to handle it. Blake and Libby are crushed. Please pray that if they have to usher their little girl into Jesus' arms tonight that they have strength and peace."
Many friends and family members that have grown to love Paxten as much as we do were faithful to pass this status on through their profiles. 
What's the problem?  

Well, not long after posting the update above I got back on facebook only to find that so-and-so and 9 of my other friends had all posted about "Usher".  Usher?  Really? 100's of people across facebook are posting about Paxten and fb picks out the word usher from my post. 

Fail facebook.  Fail.

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  1. i noticed this, too! i thought it was really random and weird. however, i had to chuckle about it. silly, facebook.