Friday, January 6, 2012

The Little Ones Keep Growing

The ladies before church one Sunday.

Daddy moonlighting as a horse. 

Brecken turned 11 months on Christmas day. She is seriously one of the funniest babies I've known.  And I used to teach in a classroom of 9 infants cycling in and out for 2 years. I've fallen for a lot of babies. Brecken is a special one. She cracks me up everyday. She is a problem-solver, easy going, independent, joyful and loud. Once she decided to crawl she was up and going in just a couple days.  Same with walking.  She took 2-3 steps a few days before 10 months and by a couple weeks into the 10th month she was a full-time walker mastering turns and getting up without pulling up on something.  Most of the time now she's doing a sort of walk/run.  She waves by-bye and gives kisses.  When she hears the front door open she drops what she's doing and runs to the stairs to see who is coming up.  If it's daddy her joy is overflowing.  Man she loves her daddy! While she transitioned from babyfood to "people" food easily and quickly she still doesn't have a single tooth. Seems strange to me but I keep hearing stories where we could still be waiting at 14 months. Her favorite game is walking away and having one of us say in a deep low voice, "Brecken!  You better get back here!!"  She squeals, turns and comes running back with a smile so big on that her little eyes squint closed (just like her daddy, which I adore).  Her hair is coming in slowly but surely although it certainly isn't even. She wears size 3 diapers and 12 month clothing.  She's getting used to shoes but certainly prefers nothing. She has the biggest smiles for Taryn in the morning and has recently started to notice Mara.  If Mara is on the ground or in the bouncer she will go over to her, open her mouth wide, stick out her tongue and say "Ahh."  She then bends down and give Mara a big "kiss".  This is repeated several times.  It makes my heart happy.
It is impossible to believe that we're so close to her being a year old.  I don't understand how a year has gone so fast. I'm so excited to see what comes next for Brecken.

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  1. You seem pretty fond of those girls :)