Friday, March 1, 2013

Snow Play

Whew! Well, if you're from these parts you know that we've been hit hard with some big time snow. All these months of being spoiled by gorgeous winter weather have been exchanged for snow and slush and yuck. We've been making the most of it with the big kids home from school and all of us getting cabin fever stuck inside all day. We ended up with 4 and a half days off of school which gave me scary glimpses of our future summer days all together. At least there are pools and popsicles involved with summer!

Fun has been found where we can, even with the snow...

Ok, I'll say it cause you're thinking it. Her clothes are too small. Yes, her snow pants and coat are from last year and while they fit back in Nov/Dec she has greatly outgrown them. And I know I should find her something new but it is really hard to do when Kansas is so unpredictable and for all I know it will be in the 60's from here on out. I will be looking through the clearance racks though for something bigger. Or, just make her be "that girl" with the 3/4 length sleeves.

Our big kids and a bunch of neighborhood kids set up two different "forts" in the massive piles of snow pushed from the street. They could throw snow balls back and forth at each other.

Hard to tell but one group is way on the left behind that hill and another on the right. It was cute.
You know, in a battle cries/launching snow balls/plotting ambushes sort of way.

Taryn started digging a tunnel and daddy stepped in and helped.

Soon it went all the way through to the other side of the pile.

So then she started digging the other direction through the tunnel to dig out a cave.


And further.

Till she popped out under the wagon handle that had been buried and we forgot was under there.

So now there were three exits through the cave.

Friend London inside.

She asked if she could sleep there.  Yeah, sure, baby. Looks super comfy.

New sleds. Or maybe more like snowboards. Only you don't stand on them. Sled boards? Sloards?

On day 4 we were able to make an escape to my parent's ranch.
Of course, there is always fun to be had there.

Z and Z2. Her hat is accurate.

this hill was on one side of the dam. It made for some good sledding for our age kiddos.
Long but not too steep. The walk back up wasn't too hard for them.

The 2 year olds were not convinced that what we were doing was an appropriate activity.
So they got put up there.

Papa pushing Taryn.

Daddy trying to convince Z2 to live a little.

Pouting B and me.

Big Z zooming down.

My dad's still a kid at heart.

She's informing me that there is snow on her glove. A first.

And angel made by my Taryn.

And, here's the real reason we went to my parents to play. B/c dune buggies, four-wheelers, sleds and snow walking makes for 5 blessedly tired little ones. Cutest. Thing. Ever.

We also had to make a batch of snow ice cream. Can't ignore that snow-day must.

When cooking in our kitchen one must hurry. There is always cause for concern of an ambush.

Thankfully, this day, there was no blood-shed in the demand for food.
All were pacified by their snow ice cream creation....with chocolate syrup of course!

I'm grateful today that the big kids are back in school and the little ones are sleeping. It has been a LONG time since I've had a moment alone in this house. I did enjoy the excitement of a big snow, the unknown of how much it would be and the fun of exploring it with the kids. Enough is enough though. Bring on spring!


  1. I just got my 4.5 year-old a snow bib for $13 on clearance on!!! Just thought I would throw that out there! It is black so my son can use it in a few years if we have snow! :-)

    1. Thanks for the head's up! I'll check it out for sure. My plan had been to always get black too so that if we ever had a little boy we'd be set but then everything we've gotten since then has been thrift/hand-me-down in pink. Go figure. At least I know we've got two younger girls to get through! It's so hard for me to put money out for snow stuff when you never know if we'll even get a good snow or not!

  2. I just love reading about your hectic, fun, exciting family! The sleeping picture in the car is priceless. :-)

    1. Haha, thanks Jamie! Love keeping up with you all too. I still pray for years of continued health for your little man! Feel free to join us in the fun chaos of life with 5 kids!