Friday, March 29, 2013

House Building

A couple weeks ago I thought this post would be some pretty big news for us. It quickly disappeared into the background when we saw our sweet son's face. But, it is still what we're in the midst of right now so here goes...

We're moving!!  Better yet...

We're building!! 

See that hunk of land being pushed around? That's the site of our new home!

I love old homes. I like the creaks, I like the wide door frames and huge trim. I like the character and stories and layers of wallpaper. However, I grew up the daughter of a builder. And I'm now the wife of a builder. So, the odds of one of them letting me get away with a remodel was pretty slim. And, let's face it, there's a lot to be said for something new, clean and fresh!

We built and moved into the place we are now a couple years ago. It was an adventure we went on with dear friends. If you know where we are at right now, you know that we live literally *thisclose* to them. It has been wonderful. We love having such special friends so close. Our kids have twice the friends and twice the play space, I have someone I can run to when I need an egg or a prayer. She's always willing to offer up either. And, our evenings are spent together on the driveways. We always said we'd be here two years and then we'd probably build again. As the time grew closer we began to hint around about where the other might head to. I was terrified they were ready to put some distance between us. Thankfully, they had the same fear and it was quickly clear that two side-by-side lots would need to be found before we could move. After a couple options fell through, we continued to pray that God would open a door and make it clear it was His will.  And boy, did he!

There's a neighborhood in town that we just adore. It is manicured, and homey and lovely. It is also PRICEY. The lots there just weren't even close to feasible in our dream plan. So we continued to look. Our friend's heard about a sheriff's auction coming up that auctioned off foreclosed on land in our area. As "fate" (I bet God cringes at that word) would have it, there were two lots in our dream neighborhood in the auction. So, we talked about how high we'd be willing to pay, prayed, and sent the boys to win us some lots. I anxiously awaited hearing what would happen.  Then I got the text. $125.  Huh? Surely he's missing a number or two in there, right?  Nope. God made it clear. Here was our new home site. After a processing fee, we each got a lot for just $133.00. Total. I had spent more at Walmart that morning. We're still in shock. But crazy happy. 

That brings us to this....

Our foreman. She's tough on those boys!
This is our foundation. Our friend's foundation is just beyond the dirt pile in the back.
I hope we can handle being so "far" apart!  ; )

Getting ready to pour the walls.

Lots of little inspectors.

Sometimes you just need some mid construction site comfort.
Enjoying our new views.
Exploring our new yard.
The night they poured the walls our two families headed to the lots with our lawn chairs and some pizza. It was a beautiful night and a little peek at what we have to look forward to when we're living here!

Is there anything better than a construction dirt pile?

House-watching, pizza party!

The walls are being poured in the background! Our house is on the back right of the pictures.
Our friend's home is on the back left side.

What is it about boys and rocks? He could have thrown all night.

We're super excited. And I'm crazy overwhelmed. There are SO MANY decisions to make! Yikes! But, all I keep picturing is bringing our little boy into this new home designed with our new family of 6 in mind. Then I can't wait to get it complete!

I'll be updating on our progress! 

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