Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Swim Day

A couple weeks ago my little sister visited from her home in New York and I wanted to think of something we could all do that didn't involve us being cooped up in our living room. So we headed to the Y for a swim. We were even blessed by the front desk gal that waived the day pass fee for us and let us go on through. Woo Hoo!

First, I had to search about the house to make sure we had a swimsuit that still fit everyone since we were all different sizes from the summer. Here's A trying her's on.

Umm...has there ever been a cuter rolly polly body in a suit before?! She was pretty excited!

Getting everyone changed and ready in one of those creepy tiny tile rooms at the Y was no easy feat but we were finally ready. Bring on the pool!

That blur is Brecken. She jumped at least 100 times.

Aunt Kelsey joined us!

Basically the same thing they do in the bath for 30 minutes only on much bigger scale.

It was a great activity for our family and ended with warm baths, snuggles and a movie at Nana and Papas.

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