Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Running in the Rain

Taryn's school puts on an event called the Hornet Hustle each year to serve as their fundraiser. It consists of a 5k, 2 mile and 1 mile run. I begrudgingly signed us up. After all, who am I to not support our first school? But don't think for one second that the fact was lost on me that there are three elementary schools in our town and my daughter ended up at the one that runs and not the one that sells cookie dough. Another one of the world's cruel moments.

Taryn was pretty excited actually because her teacher was going to be there and she was pretty certain she would be getting a medal. I tried to expel that dream pretty quickly because, let's face it, she was stuck with both her sisters in a stroller and a momma who reserves running for things like ice cream trucks and a sale on shoes. So, unless there was a medal for participation  I didn't want her heart set on that.
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We woke up bright and early to a dreary, rainy day. That's right, even the weather knew how lame running on a Saturday morning is. : ) About a mile from the race location the rain stepped it up from a drizzle to a pretty good downpour. So that was fun. We parked, I put together the jogger stroller in the rain, tossed the girls in and walked over to where the registration was. And yes, event planners, I did notice that this table was about 3/4 of a mile away from the parking lot. Hello?!? Shouldn't that distance be cut off of my race distance?! Apparently not.

She wasn't thrilled with being wet.
Someday she won't be thrilled that she got my door-knob knees.

Daddy brought a hat. That's why he's the smart one.

These are our "next year we're transferring to the cookie dough school" faces.
Actually they're are our "the rain is really coming down but you can't see a drop of that in this picture" faces.

The little two were dry and snug as bugs in the jogger. They weren't too happy when it wasn't moving though. I think that's because the rain made it so they couldn't really see out.

At least there were lots of friends there.

Livin' the good life.

Waiting at the starting line...discussing their numbers.

So, ok, we made it. And, ok, it wasn't THAT bad. And while a banana and a bottle of water is not quite as yummy as a cookie, I guess it's not worth switching schools over. And Taryn was even more excited to get the little purple bracelet than she was to get a possible medal. Whew! And, ok, if I'm being honest it was much nicer to just have to gather pledges that all go directly to the school. Not beg people to buy something like wrapping paper or china jelly jars and then have to deliver them later and only have a small percentage of that go to the school. Just sayin'.

Till next year Hornet Hustle! My "run" is back on reserve for more important causes. Like a chasing pack of wolves. Or for the sale room in the Von Maur shoe department.

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Don't judge me.


  1. Hilarious! Why didn't you hit me up for a pledge? That's what Nana's & Papa's are for! Next time.

    1. Well, because technically you guys had already given. Prairie did a sponsor donation. Prairie Construction was on the back of the shirts. Didn't really help with Taryn meeting her goals but I felt bad asking again. : )

  2. Oh my goodness, this post had me laughing out loud the entire time!! And the pictures were priceless in describing how miserable it must have been that day! Until next year! :-)