Tuesday, August 21, 2012

30 At The Rock

So, this post is behind but I had a birthday a couple weeks back. A kinda big one. Thirty....yikes! Truly though if I had to hit a milestone birthday, I did it in the most perfect way. I was so blessed to get to go to my parent's lakehouse at Table Rock Lake for a weekend away with 8 of our best friends.

I was super spoiled. Seriously.
You know you are loved when your friends are willing to wear this shirt. In public. Me-Ow!

There were even gift bags with "Lindsey's Favorite Things". Adorable!

The Guys:

The Gals:

The Fun:

My cake was very uplifting...   : )

We may or may not have tied ourselves to a ski rope while we floated around....

That's one good-looking driver!

I was driving. If you look closely you can see Derek wakeboarding in the rearview.


It was the BEST weekend. Full of laughter, changes in hair styles, great quotes, and fun. I would happily turn 30 more often if it meant being with these people again. I'm so, so blessed. And old.

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