Sunday, August 19, 2012

Kindergarten Ears

I have no idea why but for some reason Taryn got it into her head that she really needed to get her ears pierced before Kindergarten. She had never asked before this point to have them pierced but it began to weigh heavy on her mind. So, not wanting to be the ones to cause her first day to be less than perfect, we surprised her with an evening out to get her ears done and get some food to celebrate her starting school the next day.

Before Ears

I had my doubts that she would go through with it. I could picture her seeing that chair and deciding her ears were just fine hole-less. But she was SO BRAVE. She chose some tiny butterfly earings, hopped up in the chair, and never looked back.

She didn't shed a tear. She did say "Oww."  : )  I was so proud of her and her ears do look pretty stinkin' cute!

After Ears

Taryn's Cheer Squad.

It was a little bitter-sweet for me. To know that she was old enough to make this decision, the fact that she was starting school the next day, the earings making her look even was a lot for this momma. But, I'm so excited for what her first year of school will bring and now her ears will be just as cute as she is!

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