Saturday, September 1, 2012

Running For His Pleasure?

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The other day I whined here about being forced (my blog - my right to be dramatic) to run with the girls for Taryn's school. The truth is, while I don't love running, I do like to exercise. Kinda. Sometimes. Ok, I go through spurts. But, as I talk to other women, that seems to be a lot of us. Lately I've been in a down slump. Looks a lot like this:

Night before:
    Lay out work-out clothes
    Fill water bottle
    Set alarm to get up and get a work-out in
    Completely pumped to work out in the morning. Let's Do This!

Morning of:
    Hit snooze and begin internal dialogue.
        "You should totally get up, you'll feel so good when your done."
        "You feel totally good in this bed, nice and cozy and warm."
        "You need to work on getting stronger...those babies aren't getting any lighter."
        "You deserve every minute of sleep. Remember those two babies that will be taking it out of you."
         "You said you'd work out yesterday and didn't so you have to today."
         "What's another day. You'll definitely do it tomorrow."
         "Chelsea will have worked out. If she's doing it you can do it."
         "Chelsea was wired with some crazy healthy gene you didn't get."

At this point, I've wasted enough time that I won't have time to get out and back home before it's time to start the morning routine. Great.

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So, when I ran across this article the other day I was fully convicted. I know you're heading over there to read it so I won't steal her words but I did love this quote that she got from the book Every Body Matters by Gary Thomas.
“What if exercise and discipline in eating isn’t as much about physical health as about honoring the God who made us?”
Ugh. Ok, ok. You know, I knew in my heart what she says in her article but there's something about reading it that puts in all into perspective again. I'll probably need to read it again and again (perhaps I should leave a copy on my night stand). And sure there are days when my bed will win but there are other days that I'll be up and at 'em!
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Bring it.  

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