Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Lake House Fun

We spend several weekends at the lake house this summer and somehow I've been  behind all summer long on getting those pictures up. I got the one's up from my birthday but the massive amount of photos that follow are from our other weekends that the kiddos and friends went with us.

Get ready for a photo dump...

T tried really hard to learn to knee board but her little arms just didn't have enough strength.
I think she'll be ready next year!

Derek showing off.

He's hot.

Papa and his shadow.

Boat naps.

This looks more violent than it was.  : )

Taryn thought she was hot stuff every time they passed someone.

Sporting her crazy "lake hair".

Seriously, the lake did a work on that hair!

Ok, prepare yourself for the funniest picture of the year: 

Oh my, that picture makes me laugh! Something about that life jacket just made her prop herself right up on her knees causing some sort of  little person effect. Love it!

Sweet sisters

Best Friends

Eating, meeting up with friends, and feeding the ducks.

Daddy entertaining the crowd.

Watching Derek wakeboard.

The kids dancing on the boat.
We are crazy blessed to have the house in Shell Knob as a retreat and place to laugh and play. This summer was full of many great memories made there. Can't wait for next summer!! 

Oh, and for fun here's a look at how our family has changed the last three summers...

Summer 2010:

Summer 2011:

Summer 2012:
Funny to see....always three kids, only one stayed constant all three years. What a wonder that next year all three girls in the last picture will still be ours! Praise the Lord!!

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