Monday, June 4, 2012

Outdoor Water Bed

So after the novelty of the bubble (mentioned here) wore off and a couple days had passed, the girls decided they were bored again so it was time to try another idea I had read that we could use the tarps for. I taped up the hole that had been left for the fan and the kids to enter in and left a small one for a hose. We started filling and the fun began.

I think the girls had even more fun with this than the bubble. Warning: this has to be set up on a VERY flat area. Ours had a slight slope so the water wanted to run to one side. That explains the large weights holding up the one side.

It was really fun feeling. I couldn't help relaxing on it a while too. The girls rolled and jumped until it was just too worn out and leaks started popping up everywhere.  Overall money well spent for two fun activities!

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