Monday, June 18, 2012

Pool Time

We've been brave a couple times already and loaded everyone up and headed to our small town pool.

This is Taryn's first year to head to the big pool on her own. In the past she's been stuck with me at the baby pool because I've always had two smaller kids with us and I wasn't comfortable with her over there. This year she's a much stronger swimmer and she's tall enough to touch so she's off and swimming the second we get there.

The baby is happy anywhere we plop her and loves splashing in the water.

Those two are where the fun ends. Brecken is NOT a water baby. She spends her time wandering, fussing and whining. That's where the animal crackers and goldfish come in to save the day. : )  As long as the baggie still has snacks we're good.  I'm hoping by the end of the summer we'll have talked her into a little appreciation of the water. I'm not sure I can have a daughter who doesn't love water!! 

At least she's an adorable observer!!

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  1. I'm so surprised at Brecken! She's so adventurous anywhere else! I bet she learns to love it one of these days!