Monday, May 27, 2013

The Song of my People

I shall play you the song of my people

I saw the above picture on Pinterest a while back and had to laugh out loud because that song is the same song I get ready to 

That princess shoe peeking out is Brecken, not me, I promise.
Clearly I would stick to a closed-toe heel for day-to-day tasks and reserve the peep-toe for special occasions.

The little girls are still at the age where they are never far from my side.

You know, the age where you insistently assure them that you're just running this basket of laundry downstairs for 30 SECONDS and you'll be right back. You promise. And yet, the second your feet hit the first step they're all up and on their way down too. By the time they've toddled/slid/rolled to the bottom you're already half-way back up.

That kind of close.

So, needless to say, when I'm finding those 3 minutes in my bathroom to run a brush through my hair and maybe throw some makeup on, there are three little girls there helping me out. And, inevitably, this song soon begins.

See it in motion?!? Oh, what a "beautiful" sound.

This is when they're waiting for it to stop so one of them can whip a hand out and get it going again. 

Perhaps in the new house we'll install an entire row of these and I can create some sort of toddler orchestra.

Perhaps not.

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