Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Pretend Birthday

Since T has a summer birthday, she got to celebrate her pretend birthday at school before the end of the year. She chose confetti cupcakes with pink icing and sprinkles so that's what she got. 

I stopped icing cupcakes for a couple minutes to help with the bedtime routine somewhere in the house. When I walked back by later, this suspicious looking cupcake was sitting there. Hmm... 

I went on a hunt and found a sneaky little Brecken with pink lips and fingers sitting on the stairs. It sure is hard to scold a sweet-lipped silly girl! I was more impressed with her restraint from taking the entire thing! 

 There were 5 other kids with summer birthdays so it was a big party. It was also field day so everyone was pretty sweaty and tired. The end of the school year is sure rough when you're a Kindergartner!

Her teacher had quite a routine with each kiddo. It was fun to see the relationship that has formed over the school year.  We're so grateful for Taryn's school and her first teacher. It was a special year for sure.

Happy birthday sweet girl! I'm secretly happy that it wasn't really your birthday. This momma's not ready for you to be 6 just yet!

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