Monday, December 3, 2012

Game #1

Taryn had her very first basketball game the other day. She was pretty nervous. She was so worried that morning because she can't get the ball up high enough yet to get a basket. Bless her heart she sure tries with all those little arms have though! We talked about how being part of a team means putting together lots of talents. Like how she is good at dribbling so she can get the ball and do that down court then pass to someone who could shoot. It seemed to help some but she was still pretty nervous. : ) I felt nervous for her. I prayed she would enjoy it. Don't get me wrong, I couldn't care less if she is great at basketball. Or even that she wants to do it again ever after this season. I do want her to feel confident in her ability to try new things. To get a feel for what it's like as part of a team. To see how practice at home can translate to better performance on game day. To look stinkin' cute running around a court.

Ok, that last one was just an added bonus.

Here she is rocking her first uniform. It's huge. We told her that's how all the kids are wearing it.

#4 has my heart.

Here she is in her first huddle. I have a feeling she's just wondering what the snack will be after the game.
She's the littlest one. I just had a flashback to my childhood.
Oh, if only I could protect you from classmates daring each other to pick you up. Sorry baby girl.

Here she is running right.

Oh, and now she's running left. And as you can tell, my camera is a super quality one.

Here she is guarding. I think she's thinking that she could take that girl if it comes to it.

"Dare ya to try and get past me." That, or, "Let's hug it out for sparkly headband passions."
Pretty sure its one of those.

This is her dribbling. She's pretty good at that. It's good to focus on the positives.
Her real strength on the team is cheering. That girl can cheer for her teammates like nobody's business.

And twirling. I'm learning that sometimes the urge to twirl on the court is so great that one cannot hold back.
Game one was a great success.
Her Hornet team won and Taryn didn't cry once. I consider that a win-win.
And if you know Taryn at all you'll totally agree.

And now it's time to consider the very real posiblity that she won't be going to college on a basketball scholarship.


  1. I can't believe you have a basketball player, I wonder if Hannah will do things like that, right now she says no. Looks like Taryn knew what she was doing, I really enjoyed this post.

    1. I can't believe it either! : ) It was pretty cute. But they're probably a tad young to have a clue what they're doing. Oh well, she had fun running around for now! Love your pictures of all those growing grandkids!

  2. OK, I just laughed so hard. :) Charlie played soccer this fall, but I can't even fathom her bouncing a basketball!

    1. : ) Soccer may be a better fit for T. That or latch-hook.