Sunday, December 2, 2012

Deck The Halls

I love decorating for Christmas. My mom always made a complete transformation of our house growing up, removing practically all our "normal" decor and replacing it with Christmas fun. While I haven't built up quite the same arsenal of tinsel and fake snow, I still love getting to create a new environment for my kids for a month each year. What an opportunity we have to show our excitement in celebrating Christ's birth in the way we decorate our homes! I love this quote and try to keep it in mind as we deck our halls:

"How will our home look if our celebration is a picture of anticipation and waiting for God's plan to be completed, a picture of our joy in the salvation he has begun for us? What visible things will fill our house as we celebrate what God has done through Jesus?" Noel Piper, Treasuring God In Our Traditions
The kids were very "helpful" in decorating the tree. And of course, we had hot chocolate and peppernuts. Does your family do peppernuts? Just like flapjacks, peppernuts are a special food in our family. My cousin did a great post about them here

I think she did more peppernut eating than tree decorating. : )

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