Thursday, December 15, 2011

Prayers for Paxten

I know I've mentioned our precious little friend Paxten before here but today is another big day in her life that needs to be covered in prayer. 

After Paxten's last relapse with leukemia it was decided by her doctors that the best path for giving her a wonderful future was a stem cell transplant.  In the time since September a donor has been found, a medical team assembled and Paxten has spent the last two weeks having her body basically wiped clean inside in preparation to take on the new cells.  Tonight, around 8:30 the transplant will take place.  While the procedure itself is pretty routine for Paxten, another bag hooked up to her already overwhelming supply of things going into her body, the implications of what this could do to her are monumental.  The side effects are dangerous and painful and challenging.  There will be weeks of waiting, watching and praying that her body will take on the gift of new healthy cells.  There will be months of trying to protect a very unstable and weak immune system. 

Please, please, if you understand the power of prayer as we do, etch out some time for Paxten, Libby and Blake today.  December 4th was the one year mark for this battle.  That means that the only two Christmas' that Paxten has known have been in the hospital.  She's had tubes coming out of her for longer than she hasn't.  She thinks nurses, doctors and hospital rooms are the norm.  Her friends are all found on skype and facetime. The risks of this procedure are high.  But we are so grateful and excited for Paxten's opportunity to be free of tubes, gloves, masks and medicines.  This is her opportunity for life, please pray.  And then leave them a note telling them that you're praying!

We love you Paxten, Blake and Libby!!

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