Monday, December 19, 2011

Define Necessity

There has been a picture going around the e-mail, pinterest and e-mail world I imagine you've seen. It always helps put this time of year into perspective.  Every time I see it show up I can't help but think of our son waiting for us in the Congo. 

I also recently came across the photography of Lynsey Addario and I haven't be able to get it out of my mind and my heart. To think of our son here, in this pain and loss and fear is heart-wrenching.

I'll warn you the pictures are eye opening and painful and shocking.  It makes my heart physically
hurt. Especially in such stark contrast to the materialism of Christmas surrounding us right now.  At the bottom of her screen you can flip through the pictures.  Put your cursor over the caption button and you can read about the picture. 

This slideshow is about the Democratic Republic of the Congo:

This slideshow is about rape in the Congo:

I hope this makes it how obvious the need is in the Congo.  I hope it shows you how your support of this adoption is truly helping to save a life.  Whatever role you have played in bringing our son home is vital and we cannot say thank you enough. 

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