Friday, August 26, 2011

The Lakehouse

So we're blessed/spoiled/lucky enough to get to enjoy the use of my parents lake house at Table Rock lake at Shell Knob, MO basically whenever we want.  We LOVE going there and have had so much fun watching Taryn develop a love of the lake as well. 

Brecken isn't quite into the lake yet but can still appreciate a good play time on the dock!

This girl has a lot of nerve turning 4 this summer.

I'm fairly certain that Taryn would tube all day long if allowed.  This is one of her "tricks"....standing up. 

Helping daddy drive. 

These are my parents.  34 years and still clearly in love. 

It has been fun introducing Reni to the lake.  She doesn't seem to to be as into it as Taryn but she had moments of fun too. 

This girl has has a lot of nerve turning 6 months this summer.  Brecken did pretty well considering the heat and time spent on the water. 

Sometimes the waves can be good for lulling a little one to rest. 

No fear. 

Enjoying a meal in the backyard. 

Brecken loved this play area. She splashed and splashed and splashed.

This is me wake-surfing.  Basically the boat is driven fairly slowly so that it creates a really large wake.  We use a small surf-board and hopefully can find a particular area in the wake that just sort of lets the board sit in it and good people can let go of the rope completely and just ride the wake forever behind the boat.  Fun stuff.  We've enjoyed learning. 

Derek is a really great wakeboarder.  And hot.  Just sayin'.  I have a new camera and am still learning how/when to push the button to capture a moment at the right time so I didn't get a very good picture.   

We love Table Rock! 

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